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  Here are eight industry guidelines to help you select the right Roofing Contractor to work on your home:

1. Look for experience and a proven track record.

    * How long has the company been in business? Have they always been in business with the same name? Does the company have a street address (and an office), not just a post office box? How long have they been in business at their current location?
    * Ask for references and check them. You might also check into other sources of information - like the Better Business Bureau or the local Chamber of Commerce.

2. Evaluate their Business Practices.

    * What is your first impression of the company? Do their representatives portray a professional image?
    * What do their references have to say about the company?

3. Insist on a comprehensive level of knowledge about the products available as well as the entire installation process.

    * Did they do a comprehensive analysis of your roof and actually inspect every portion of the roof (some companies only look at a "sampling" and use that to calculate their bid)

4. Verify their insurance coverage, safety policies and licensing procedures.

    * Worker's Compensation Coverage - protects you in case a worker is injured while performing work on your property.
    * General Liability Insurance - protects your property while work is in progress.
    * Completed Operations Insurance - a rider on a general liability policy that covers many problems that might occur after a job is complete.

5. Confirm the level of project supervision you can expect. Find a contractor that utilizes an additional level of supervision to oversee the foreman and crew.

6. Beware of extremely low bids. 

    * Minimal or no insurance coverage.
    * Poor, unsupervised workmanship.
    * Low grade materials.
    * Not replacing current flashings.
    * Leaving you uninformed about problems that should be addressed.
    * Inadequate ventilation proposed.

7. Ask for a detailed, written contract.

    * Be sure all materials and work are specified.
    * Be sure the price is specified and firm, and that sales tax is included.

8. Ask if they require any payments before the job is satisfactorily completed.

    Payments prior to completion are generally not required for roof replacements. An exception may be required if non-standard materials are specified.


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